Mini Tennis Age Groups:

8U (Red) Born: 2012 or Later

9U (Orange) 2011 or 2012

10U (Green) 2010 or 2011

11U 2009 or 2010

12U 2008 - 2009

14U 2006 - 2009

16U 2004 - 2009

18U 2002 - 2009

Bambino Tennis

In these sessions the children will do a variety of activities from throwing balls into buckets, knocking things over, playing with balloons and maybe sometimes using rackets. It is always fun, energetic and enjoyable. The parents join the children on court and I teach the parents fun activities they can do at home with their child.

Mini Tennis

What is Bambino Tennis? This session we get the children on court with the parents and use lots of different fun equipment e.g. balloons, cones, buckets, nets and rackets. The children can also earn stickers for good listening, behaviour and collecting balls etc.

What is Red ball? In these sessions we use a slightly bigger and less pressured ball to make it easier for the children to judge the flight and bounce.. Because there is more air in the ball it is slower through the air and doesn't bounce as high. It is played on a much smaller court.


What is Orange ball? This ball is 50% slower than a yellow ball which makes it easier to control at this important stage of a tennis players development. It is played on a smaller tennis court than a full size court.

What is Green Ball? The court the children play on is now full size. The ball is now 25% slower than a yellow ball.

What is Yellow Ball? This session is played with a fully pressurised ball and a full size court. 

What is Tennis Drill Session? The players get a good work out a little like Cardio Tennis but there is a bit of coaching but mainly hitting combinations e.g. deep forehand, short backhand and a volley.

What is Cardio Tennis? Lots of fun that's what it is, you do not need to be of a good standard to join in. It is mainly about getting your heart rate going and having some fun with some drills and some games to finish. It is a lot of fun!!


Bambino Tennis - £5 per person

Red/Orange/Green/Yellow ball -  £7 per person

Private Coaching* - £35 per person (Video analysis optional)

Adult Group Coaching - £10 per person

Tennis Drill Session - £5 per person

Cardio Tennis - £6 per person

All lessons/sessions are 1 hour apart from Adult Group Coaching which is 1.5 hours

* To find out what times are available for private lessons please use the contact me button below

Other Services
  • Racket Restringing -  I do a lot of research into strings and what string is best for different players. I have a comprehensive selection of strings to choose from. The price for a restring starts from £20. 

  • Racket Customisation - can be from a full colour change or something as small as putting your name on your racket.  Prices start from just £10.

  • Video Analysis - this will be offered in every private lesson. I you would like me to do an extra analysis outside of the lesson then it may cost extra.